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Souvenir Argirakis

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Pack of fireworks and sparklers for weddings, christenings, parties, events, anniversaries, etc. Make your own show with the most affordable fireworks packages on the market!

We check around 100m (even in neighboring lands and fields) that no
there are pine trees, dry grasses, garbage and other flammable materials. Install it
box on solid ground, in a vertical position with the arrows pointing up. We support
the box on the sides with two cement blocks or sandbags without covering it
upper part of it. We do not tear or remove its wrapping paper
fireworks. We light the fuse and move away. Ideally placed in
rooftops, beaches or large gardens.

• Outdoor use only.
• Keep away from children and animals.
• For use by adults only. Over 18 years old.
• Safety distance from people 50m.
• Safety distance from tall buildings 50m.
• Safety distance from pines and dry grasses 100m.
• We do not use them in case of winds above 4 Beaufort.
• We do not use them during common quiet hours.
• We do not use them even if there is a pine tree or dry grass within a radius
• In case of non-activation of the firework, we collect it after 30
minutes and we return it to the store. Do not try to turn it back on.
• Store in places without moisture and away from sources of flame and heat
• When lighting the wick do not place any part of your body
above the box.
• Distance of at least 100m away from forest areas.
• We always place it vertically, pointing upwards, without tilting.
• Not for use by persons under 18 years of age.
• Use by adults ONLY.

This product has gone through multiple checks for your safety. Is
it is your responsibility to use it properly. It produces lights, colors and
stars at a height of 40-50m. Manufactured by Hunan Shine Wing Fireworks Ind.
Co., Ltd.


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